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A Selection of 3 films from

Signdance Collective's 'TIME' Project

International artists sent something that they created in isolation during the 2020 lockdown to Signdance Collective.

These contributions were then edited by Robert Corcoran into short films.


Choreography: Noemi Veberic Levovnik

Music: Richard Pollock

Editing: Robert Corcoran

"The music worked nicely with the choreography and cutting the movements to the beat of the music was fun. Noemi sent several takes of the same movement and I was able to make the video look like a mirror." - Robert Corcoran.


Choreography: Isolte Avila

Spoken Word/Music: Lionel M. Macauley

Editing: Robert Corcoran

"I was working with the theme of division and unity which is mentioned throughout. Dividing the screen up, I used Isolte's choreography and the video Lila created of Isolte on the TV to bounce around to the beat of the music. Sometimes Isolte appears on the screen, sometimes the footage layers and sometimes it comes together." Robert Corcoran.


Film/Editing: Robert Corcoran

Music: Angelina Schwammerlin

"Rob said he would  wait to shave his lockdown  beard to film his time sequence. He masters the editing of the sequence and accomplishes turning a simple action into a mini meditation on time. I like how he stops to look at himself in the mirror, only to start again.  Lila's electronic time contribution is perfect, like an exaggerated  sound of  the electric shaver, 

"But this time.." Isolte Avila

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