Top Tips for Using Your Phone to Make a Video

This is a quick guide to help you film your piece for the TIME Project!


  • Lighting yourself

Try to make sure that you are clearly visible and avoid filming with bright lights behind you.

  • Holding your phone

You can film your piece vertically or horizontally, whichever feels best for you.

  • Keeping your film steady

If you need to, you can balance your phone somewhere while filming, so that your film isn't too shaky.

If you have a friend, they can help you film too, or you can take a selfie!


  • Avoid background noise

If there is a loud noise nearby while you're filming, try to wait for it to stop, or you can move somewhere quieter

  • Don't stand too far away

When filming, try to stay close to your phone so that the sound is clear


  • Share the highest quality that you can

Please share with us the highest quality version of your film that you can. If you have slow internet, then a smaller version will be okay too.

The TIME Project is open for submissions soon.

Please visit this page for more information or keep an eye on our social media pages.


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